Sync with external folder - not syncing

Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

I’ve spent about 8 hours trying to get Scrivener to sync in the way I believe it’s intended to. I’ve read many forum messages and the manual, so would much appreciate some help.

a) What I need to do:

  • sync my project to Draft in .txt format on the same PC
  • edit the .txt file e.g. file1.txt in an editor such as Notepad (with the project closed) on the same PC
  • re-open Scrivener and have the program automatically update the project files.

b) What is actually happening

  • the synced files are correctly created and saved to Drafts in .txt format.
  • the synced .txt files are not updated when I return to Scrivener and edit the project files (with the text editor closed). I check this by viewing the .txt files in my file manager.
  • when closing the project, then reopening it, the nonupdated sync files overwrite my latest project files with older versions.

c) After hours of trial and error, I’ve found that if I delete the entire Draft folder every time I want to sync the files, the system works, but if I don’t delete it, the files are not updated.

From the manual, I understand:

  1. “Never select a folder which has already been used to synchronise another Scrivener project! In this case, “another project” can very well mean the same exact same project you copied to another computer but haven’t kept in sync using some other mechanism such as a cloud service or mirroring tool.”
  • This is relevant, but despite following the guidelines and using, have been unable to sync the files, as stated above (a and b)
  1. “Check external folder on project open and automatically sync on close Enabled by default. When the project is opened, it will briefly scan the contents of the external sync folder and alert you if there are any changes detected, offering you the ability to update your project immediately. When closing, the same check will be performed. This option will ensure that the sync folder and the project remain up to date, although they will differ while editing, until you run sync again.”

-This is also relevant, but “the sync folder and the project remain up to date” function doesn’t work.

Can anyone advise what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it?
Thanks very much,

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Yes I get an error about file names and server space. Both of which I can’t understand. file space is ok and file names? What’s the restriction.

Using Scrivener 3.2.3 (says no update) but an older mac ok 10.13.6.