Sync with Google Drive?

The new Mac, Windows, and iOS versions of Scrivener have a new Sync with Dropbox feature. Does it work the same with Google Drive? Or is there something Dropbox specific about it?

Assuming a Scivener for Android is developed, will it be able to sync project files via Google Drive or Google Cloud?

I’m also wondering what advantage, if any, there is to using the Sync with Dropbox feature vs. just storing project folders directly in Dropbox or Google Drive.


It’s not really a “sync” feature as such.
You store your Scrivener projects in a subfolder under your Dropbox folder on your desktop/laptop.
The Dropbox app on your desktop/laptop copies those files to the Dropbox server, in the background.
When you start iOS Scrivener the first time you are prompted for the Dropbox folder in which you have stored your projects. The iOS app can now access and read your Scrivener projects. When you are done editing on the iDevice, you save/update the project by taping the save/update circular arrows symbol.
When you get back to the desktop/laptop, you simply open the projects in the usual way.

For technical reasons it only works with Dropbox, no other cloud services.

The macOS and Windows versions of Scrivener have not a single bit of Dropbox code in them. There is nothing specific to it. The limitation is on the iOS side, where there is no such thing as a global file system that all apps can access and work with together. You can’t have something like Dropbox running in the background on your phone, keeping it constantly up to date, like your computer does. Every single developer has to write their own interface and they all work in isolation from one another—and for stuff like Scrivener which goes beyond simple use cases, we’ve even had to recreate whole batches of what Dropbox even does at a core level.

In case it isn’t clear from the above post, that is precisely what you’re doing, from the Windows side of things. The system works as well as it does because it takes advantage of an existing infrastructure that already does a really job of all this (well, speaking for Dropbox, Google Drive on the other does not have a good track record of protecting data in a live Scrivener project and we even have an advisory posted to avoid using it for anything other than zipped backups).

Consequently, I doubt we’ll support Google Drive integration any time soon. It would be irresponsible to provide official integration with a service that has known severe flaws with the format on the desktop side.

Has anyone tried sync with Amazon Cloud Drive?

Sync what?
iOS Scrivener can ONLY sync via Dropbox.

Sorry, maybe I didn’t post my question properly.

Anyone knows if you can SAVE (not sync) Scrivener files directly in an Amazon Drive folder (either Mac or Windows desktop versions)?

Three options:
Close scrivener and move the .scriv folder.
File->Save As.
File->Back Up->Back Up To… without the .zip option checked.

Since Amazon Drive is an uncommon sync destination, you’d be experimenting, so be sure you have a known good backup, and try to make sure your work is exported frequently, to be sure you don’t lose anything due to a bad synchronization.

Thanks, rdale.