Sync with multiple External Folders??

I just tested the sync option because I am jumping back and forth between projects. Big issue came up. I have over ten projects that I saved the sync folder on a thumb drive. When I tested adding a chapter and then opened each project they synced with wrong projects creating havoc. How do I properly keep multiple draft folders without them syncing with the wrong project?
The issue this stems from is that it only identifies the draft folder nomenclature. I went in and named each folder changing it from draft to the project title. Please help me set this up correctly so I no longer have this issue.

The rule is “one Scrivener project has one external folder and one external folder has one Scrivener Project”. You can’t share folders between Scrivener projects, or vice versa. The mechanism is there so you can edit the files of a single project in another editor, not to act as a central repository for updating many projects at once.

When you set up a project for external syncing, you choose the external folder location and whether you want to sync just the draft, or all text files in the project. If it’s the first, a Drafts subfolder is created: if you exporting text files outside the draft, then you also get a Notes subfolder. You’ll also see a Trash subfolder if you delete stuff doing the external editing process.

So, for two projects, you’ll have the following structure in the Finder (they don’t have to be in the Scrivener Sync Files folder — that’s just where I keep them)

Scrivener Sync Files
– Project 1
---- Draft
---- Notes
– Project 2
---- Draft
---- Notes.

Renaming Draft or any of the subfolders will do nothing at best, or cause the collapse of human civilisation at worst — I don’t know which, so probably best not to try it… Renaming individual files is fine, though.

There’s a detailed section on External Folder Syncing in the manual, and it’s worth reading because there are several options to consider: 14.3 Synchronised Folders, which is on page 356.

There is a features which lets you add text to multiple projects — it’s the Scratchpad — but it doesn’t sync back to the external file, so it’s probably not what you need, I think.


Thank you my issue has been solved