Synced wrong files with Dropbox

Hi, I’ve done something really stupid.

I thought that iOS opened from the back ups so I synced my zipped back up files to Scrivener when the Dropbox dialogue came up when I tried to do an initial sync while setting up Scrivener on my iPad. It did warn that there might be redundant files but I thought this referred to the one non Scrivener file in the folder, not the other 145 zipped files!

Now my iPad storage is nearly all gone. Am I right in thinking that those zipped files are somehow stored locally on the iPad within Scrivener iOS which I still haven’t used? I can’t find them?

Sorry to be so dense. I blame the Christmas spirits! What’s the best way of getting rid of those and starting over? Am I right that if I delete the Scrivener app I’ll have to pay for it again?

Thanks for your help.

One quick thought, in Scrivener iOS check the left column labeled projects for a section On My iPad. This will list any projects on your iPad.
The other place to look is in the Files App. Select browse and in the left column look for On My iPad. Select that and browse for zipped files.

I’d look on the source computer, in the Dropbox folder. You should just be able to drag the ZIP files out to another location and re-sync. Then, when Dropbox synchronizes to the device, the files should disappear.

No, you won’t need to pay for iOS Scrivener again if you delete it. You should be able to just reinstall from the iOS App Store’s Purchases list.


Thank you so much for answering, especially in a holiday period. I looked again in the Scrivener and the files section and nothing there so am going to do what Katherine suggests. So helpful. Thanks. Will let you know how it goes.