synching between 3 devices and platforms

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what I was expecting from years happened, and Scrivener has been released for IOS. I currently work on Scrivener files between Macosx and Windows. I tried to work on the ipad with Storyst, that seemd the better way to work with scrivener files on the Ipad before this big, great good news.

I’m asking that before starting to work with Scrivener files in all the 3 platforms, and because I have seen a lot of messages of bugs in this forum:

  1. the better way to synch the project file between Macosx, Win and IOS is Dropbox? Are there concerns on the copyright of the “stuff” that I am putting in there? Because years ago there were concerns, in this forum (this one, for instance, seems the latest one… ) :unamused:

  2. being sure that I don’t open the file at the same time in two platform, all the project will be synched?

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  1. The ONLY way to sync with the iOS version is via Dropbox. It works just fine.

  2. Yes, as long as you remember that if you have 3 devices there is actually 4 (four!) devices involved. Your Mac, Your Windows PC, your iPad and the Dropbox server.

You must always remember to allow the Dropbox app on your Mac or PC to copy any changes to the Dropbox server before you turn them off or put them to sleep (close the lid), and remember to back out to the Project page on the iPad and tap the sync button (circular arrows) and then wait for the changed files to be copied to the Dropbox folder. And before opening at project on Mac/PC you must allow time for the Dropbox app to copy changed files frm the Dropbox server to your hard drive.

This is from the current Dropbox Terms and Conditions:

Sounds fair enough, no?

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Sorry for re-open this issue, but now that I start working with actually 4 devices, as Lunk said, there is something that is not clear for me:

Literature and Latte suggest to use Dropbox to synchronize projects between the 3 platforms, IOS, Mac OSX and Win.

the question is: would it be simplier to store the .scriv file into a ICloud folder, and being absolutely careful on that open it on Windows, on the Mac, or on the IPad to work on the same .scriv file, and having it updated (using ICloud in the 3 devices)?

Did anyone give a try? Was it better or worst then the dropbox option? Because, expecially in the IPad, it is not clear where the .scriv file is stored, and IOS tries to put all the files in ICloud, if you don’t put the .scriv file using ITunes app method, but even if you do that, if I have to sync with Dropbox, but store in ICloud or sync with Itunes, where is the simplification in using the dropbox sync trick versus saving in ICloud and that’s it?

(sorry for my English, I hope you can get my point anyway…)

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Hi Simona,

The question of iCloud has come up regularly, but I’d start with the Knowledge Base article: … c-services

You also might like to read:

as one of the many threads on the issue, though it is rather technical.

Furthermore, I’d definitely have a look at:

especially JennK’s post near the top of page 2 on the dangers of moving your whole documents folder to iCloud Drive

Finally, back in July, Keith wrote: