Synching to 2 computers- have read past answers but still have some questions!

I have scrivener on 2 computers. Whenever I finish a chunk of writing (on either computer):

  • I save ( I see the bar move across so I think it is working)
  • then backup to a folder locally and
  • backup to dropbox
  • I also have a thumb drive but dont routinely backup to that
    SO-here is the issue- the two versions of scrivener (on my two computers) are not automatically synched.
    How do I solve this problem and make sure that I always have a recent backup with the latest changes (and past backups) (in case of computer crash etc.)?


It is not the backup that needs be synced. (The backup you upload to a dedicated storage space – cloud or external hard-drive – then forget about it. It is there in case of an unfortunate turn of events, that is its sole purpose.)

What needs to be in your cloud synced folder is the project itself. Your cloud set to sync, but to leave the files on disk. In technical terms : available offline.
When you save the project, the cloud will sync.
And when you turn on the other computer, give it time to sync as well, then launch the project. You should find it in the state you left it on the previous computer.

(That’s pretty much the whole of what I know about it. I don’t use sync, I prefer to use a tiny USB thumbdrive.)

Thank you.
Im afraid Im still confused.
Is there a setting on scrivener I need to engage to save the new version of the project to the cloud?
How long do I need to wait for the project to synch to the second computer?

If your project is in your cloud folder, that’s where Scrivener will save it. It recalls where the project was opened from, and saves there. Straight forward, simple simple.
So you want to close Scrivener, move your project to your cloud sync folder, make sure it is set to be available offline and that’s it. (Make sure you have a recent backup, safe, before moving the project. In case…)
Double click the .scrivx file (because Scrivener won’t know where the project is anymore – first time, this time, this one time) to launch the project.
Nothing different than how you’ve been previously using the app after that.

That’s a question for someone who actually uses sync… (So not for me :slight_smile: ) BUMP

Thanks again. What is a cloud synch folder? Is it any folder on my computer that automatically synchs ot a cloud- like dropbox or one drive- or something different?

Thank you. I will combine this link with your advice and ponder!

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How big is the project? How fast is the internet connection?

The cloud services on both sides should tell you when they are done synchronizing. There’s also a little bit of “processing” time after files arrive on the cloud server before they’re ready to go back out again. So it’s not “instant,” but should be pretty fast.

HOWEVER. Some services are notorious for taking their own sweet time about synchronizing. Be aware that it can happen, and know how to handle it if you open a project and it turns out not to be fully synced.

(Best solution: close the project and try again later. Second best: duplicate the project, do whatever you need to do in the duplicate, and resolve the conflict later. Worst solution: Fly into a panic and start wildly yanking pieces of various backups into the problem project. You probably didn’t have a sync conflict before, but now you do.)