Syncing and Collaborating


I have been using Scrivener for years and it is essential to my writing. However, the world has changed and these days it is important to have apps that are accessible from anywhere. I have tried pretty much all of the recommended methods of syncing and have found each one difficult, if not impossible, to use. I am also sure I am not the only one running into this problem. It makes it a struggle to collaborate with others and equally difficult to access work from multiple systems. As you are probably aware, there are other writing tools, some of them quite good, that have made sharing and accessing work across multiple devices core to their systems. I request Scrivener provide this same essential functionality.

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One suggestion, that should be fairly simple to implement, is to use GitHub and/or GitLab. It would require you to implement Git.

This topic has been previously discussed here with suggestions for how to collaborate with others without waiting for any future changes. Just do some searching here.

I looked at the solutions listed and the ones online. Having to zip up files and move them around or deal with Dropbox, ITunes, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. , that as I mentioned the either don’t work or a difficult to use. GitHub and Git, are a pretty easy to implement and they handle versioning and multiple files, sharing and syncing no problem. Just an idea.

Git* not designed for the sort of thing Scrivener is. Perhaps a future, or equivalent provided by Scrivener may happen, or not. I have no idea. Guess depends on if you want it now or not.

I have collaborated using a shared Dropbox Folder with someone in another continent very successfully. The zip file method you mentioned is a bit of a kludge. Yes, need to ensure not working on the same thing simultanously, but isn’t text messages and email a wonderful thing.


Some are already using Git and Github with Scrivener. I thought that adding the Git/Github sync and commit features into Scrivener would just make it easier for writers.

Hi! You are making a suggestion, right? If so, you can tag this post as ‘wish-list’, so that the creators of Scrivener can take it into account when adding things to the app :blush:
And yes, I understand that each sync method comes with its ups and downs, the choice of one or the other (with the current options) will depend on your needs and workflow.