Syncing between Android and iOS versions


I have been eyeing a pocket computer (Planet computers: Gemini PDA or Cosmo Communicator) which does not use iOS but Androix/Linux operating systems. Now I am wondering that if I use a device that uses Android and buy the Scrivener Windows version to use on that pocket computer, and then save my work to Dropbox - is it possible to open the text in the Android Scrivener version in my iOS version by picking it up from Dropbox?
Is it possible to sync these in any other way than copypaste from one Scrivener to the other?

Leena :slight_smile:

Yes, iOS Scrivener will synchronize with Dropbox. Configuration instructions can be found here: … g-with-ios

Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Scrivener, as the Linux beta version doesn’t support the project format that iOS Scrivener uses. Also, note that running Windows Scrivener on anything other than a true Windows system is an unsupported configuration and entirely at your own risk. I would recommend taking advantage of our free trial to make sure you can get it working before you spend money. I’d also recommend testing the synchronization with a disposable project before you commit important work to it.

You might want to visit our Linux forum for guidance from other users: viewforum.php?f=33


Hi! Thank you for your answer. Actually the pocket computer in question uses Android, but Linux is another option. I’d be using Android. So I take it that if I write a Scrivener project using Scrivener for Android, download it to Dropbox, I can then open the same project with my Scrivener iOS without any hassle? And the other way around? I’d really be buying the pocket computer only to use Scrivener on the go - on short trips when I don’t want to carry a laptop with me, sitting on a train or bus, or just to use my waiting time at dentists, post office etc productively. Scrivener really is the best writing app ever, and I am willing to spend money to be able to use it anywhere I go - hence the pocket computer…

(I wish someone made a real pocket computer for iOS but so far it appears there is none. I have an iPad mini, but that is not a pocket computer. I want something that’s the size of a phone and does not need to be placed on a table to be used)

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Ah, there is no Scrivener for Android.

What Silverdragon said.

Based on your original post (and my lack of familiarity with the devices in question), it sounded like you were planning to run Scrivener for Windows under Wine in a Linux variation installed on the pocket computer. Which is possible, though unsupported.

But no, there is no Scrivener for Android.

I’m sorry for the confusion.

FWIW, my own solution to this use case is an iPad Mini with an external keyboard. It’s about the size of a “journal” size notebook, and I use it constantly.


Oh good to have that clarified. Well, I could use the Linux on the said pocket computer too. But I remember reading there is a Scrivener version for Android in the plans?

So Scrivener for Windows does not function in any mobile device?

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P.S. I ordered a keyboard for my iPad mini from Gold&Cherry. Lovely thing. Only its battery lasted only for an hour. I sent it for repairs - to China. In January. Now I got a message from the post office that they never did the customs declaration necessary to pick the package up (they were notified in the same address I sent the package to that the parcel was waiting for them to pick it up) and it is now slowly snailing its way back to me. Will be demanding my money back. And will never buy from them again unless they send me a new keyboard immediately or return my money.

We hope to release a version of Scrivener for Android, but we have neither started development nor announced a release date. It won’t be soon.

I use a Zagg keyboard case with my iPad mini and have been very happy with it.


As regards Scrivener and iOS, Scrivener also runs on iPhone as well as iPad. The old Zagg Pocket keyboard works well with it. You can’t get the corkboard, but you can use the Quick Reference feature on a big screen iPhone. You can still buy new iPhone 8 pluses, or you can go with a refurbished phone if cost is an issue.

Scrivener for Windows will run under a Windows simulator in Linux. But L&L doesn’t support it; you’re on your own with only other users in the Linux forum here for support. Now, they tend to be a techy and supportive bunch :smiley: but among other things the Scrivener interface isn’t really designed for a touch screen. Why not post over in
Scrivener on Linux (Unofficial)

and get more expert opinions?