Syncing between Mac & iOS

Hiya everybody,

I chuffin’ love Scrivener, it has made the abundance of documents that I have to keep up-to date, on top off, current and easy to find at a moments notice, wether its written documents, pictures of documents, websites, pictures of students works, my documents/handouts/registers (a two hour jewellery making workshop/environment is not the place to be fiddling about with paper work) an absolute breeze, to have it all colour coded in tree/parent/sibling format, with flashcards is for me absolute genius!

To be able to have this available on the fly is, well its just easy and makes me more productive.

I have been using the beta since it was first in beta mode, and syncing would work when I changed the title of the document, on both devices, is that correct?

Or is their another way, the button on Scrivener on the Mac always say “No Mobile Changes Found”

I have also just come out of a beta of another app called “Rough Draft” which is a Text Editor with a difference, you can’t delete what you have wrote, just cross it out and start what you were typing again.

In the new iOS app they have a feature called “Ask a Question”, in this you can have a question/conversation with the developers on the fly, I think it is really handy, productive & helpful that you can have this sort of help “whenever you want” whenever help is needed.

I would love to see this in Scrivener, with its many many features, I think it would be a very handy feature to have.

We already have a forum and email support. With the number of users we have (in the hundreds of thousands), it just wouldn’t be feasible to offer live chat support in the app - there aren’t enough of us!

If you’re seeing “No mobile changes found”, then that means exactly that - the project you are looking at has had no changes made on iOS. You need to have the project on Dropbox, and you need to have synced it in the iOS version. Please see the tutorial in the iOS version for more help if you need it.

All the best,

Hiya Keith,

Thanks for the quick reply.

iOS and Mac versions are both connected to Dropbox, I have made changes to Documents/Files on iOS Scrivener but still Mac is saying “No Mobile Changes Found”.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Document/Files” - I don’t know what that relates to, sorry. Could you please post a screenshot?

Did you take a look at the tutorial project inside Scrivener for iOS?

By the way, beta issues with our iOS version are supposed to be posted in the special Tenderapp beta area, the link to which was sent out to all beta testers. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

I apologise Keith for posting in the wrong forum, I thought beta testing was over.

Here is a pic of both devices with different files on them, not syncing.

Test Folder on Mac is not syncing with Phone & 2nd Test Folder on phone is not syncing with Mac.

Have you checked the tutorial?

Where is the project stored on your hard drive?

Is the iOS version set up to sync with Dropbox? And is it set up to sync with the folder the project is contained in?

How did you get the project onto your iPhone in the first place?

Have you tapped sync inside Scrivener for iOS?

Thanks and all the best,

Yes I’ve read the tutorial, I access Scrivener through Dropbox in Finder, iOS is set up to sync with Dropbox with the correct file & I Air Dropped the file from Mac to iOS and saved it into Scrivener in the Dropbox section.

The part that has me confused is you say you dropped the file via Air Drop - why did you do that? If the project is in the correct Dropbox folder, you don’t need to do that. All you need to do:

  1. The project on your Mac is saved into /Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener (from your screenshot, that seems to be the case).

  2. On your iPhone device, you make sure Dropbox is set up to sync with the /Apps/Scrivener folder (you can check that by tapping “Edit” in the sidebar, tapping the gear, and tapping “Dropbox Settings”).

  3. Tap the sync icon on iOS to upload any changes you’ve made on the device. (There will be an orange triangle next to the project name if there are changes to upload.)

What I’m also confused about is that you have two copies of “Business Plan” on your device. You have one copy on Dropbox, and another “On my iPhone”. Those are two different copies of the project. If you Air Drop a project, that’s not syncing it - that is making a completely different copy on your phone. If you made changes in a project under “On My iPhone”, then that won’t appear on your Mac, because that project is not set up to sync with Dropbox - only projects listed under “Dropbox” sync with Dropbox.

Ah! It all becomes clear, I’m so sorry for the confusion, I will have a ganders later, thanks for the help it’s appreciated. I feel such an idiot!

No problem! Let me know if you have any more problems!

I’m really sorry to be a pain, but I thought I was quite computer savvy, but this is just really messing with my head.

I’m going round in circles Keith.

I have a 64gb MacBook Air, its second hand Mid 2012 and I love it to bits, best thing I ever did was to move to Apple iOS from Android (on Phone) and to Apple Mac from Linux (On Desktop) so consequently I don’t have a lot of space in 64gb, and I don’t have the Dropbox App on my Mac, I think this is where it all falls down, I could be wrong and being really thick.

This may just really f your head up, because it is mine.

I did what you said yesterday and checked on iPhone wether it was connected to the correct Dropbox file, it was, but it wasn’t syncing so I copied “My Jewellery Class” and saved it onto Mac Desktop, I then deleted “My Jewellery Class” file on iPhone and unlinked Dropbox from iPhone, re connected dropbox to iPhone and pressed Sync button, it started to sync, hurrah, sussed it! I thought, NOT! it Only synced “My Business Plan”

As you probably know in Finder on Mac there is a Dropbox folder

In this folder is two files, “My Business Plan” and “My Jewellery Class” should these two files sync with Dropbox the Website? Because they don’t.

So I uploaded them to Dropbox the Website for it to Zip the files, I can’t unzip them in Dropbox from the website.

Do I need the app on my Mac for this to work, or am I being thick and missing something really obvious?

Yes, you absolutely need the Dropbox app on your Mac - the Dropbox Mac app syncs anything in the Dropbox folder with the Dropbox servers. Without it, nothing will upload or download to or from your Mac.

You should not upload Scrivener projects as .zip files, as Scrivener won’t be able to open them.

What’s really confusing me is that your local Dropbox folder has two projects in it, whereas the one on Dropbox only has the Business Plan project in it (plus the two zip files you uploaded). Presumably that was uploaded from your iPhone. Also what’s confusing me is that the Dropbox folder listed in the menu you show on your Mac has the Dropbox icon in it, which normally means that you do have Dropbox installed. However, the files inside it do not have green ticks next to them, indicating that Dropbox is not syncing them. So something very bizarre seems to be going on on your computer that is unrelated to Scrivener.

I recommend moving the projects out of Dropbox for now, then downloading and installing Dropbox on your Mac and starting again.

Ok, thanks Keith, I will leave you in peace now.

Oh, I hope I didn’t sound like I didn’t want to help further - I’m just a bit confused as to what is going on! Please keep posting if you need further help - I’ll do my best, it’s just I’m baffled as to why your local Mac’s Dropbox folder isn’t syncing with Dropbox online.

Hiya Keith,

Sorry I was short in last post, just frustrating it’s not working.

I’m mad at myself for not having discussed it when in beta.

It did sync once when I changed file name on Mac in Dropbox folder and then re-named in Dropbox folder on iOS

Could it be a memory issue, with my Mac, I have 1.6gb free at the moment?

In answer to your question about why is it duplicated on the Phone as well as Dropbox, thats so that I can work on my docs offline, both at Work and College I don’t have a great signal at either and both Work’s and College’s WiFi are shocking.


I’m still now sure why you are making a copy. The whole point of Dropbox is that it syncs files between machines, so that you have copies of the files on both devices as well as on their servers. When you sync with iOS, the Scrivener projects in Dropbox are there on your local device, available for use at any time. You do not need an internet connection. The only time you need an internet connection is when you the the “Sync” button, at which point Scrivener uploads any changes made locally and downloads any changes made on the server.

I recommend the first thing to do is just get Dropbox working on your computer. Get it in a state whereby anything you add to Dropbox on your computer ends up in Dropbox when you check the Dropbox site online. Only once that is working properly will you be able to get sync working in Scrivener, because Scrivener depends on Dropbox working properly on your computer.

Ensure that the Dropbox icon is in the menu bar on your Mac up near the clock. If it’s not, then the Dropbox background app isn’t open and it won’t be able to automatically sync anything on your Mac.

All the best,

OK, I’ve been having the same problems. I think the instructions on how to synch aren’t particularly clear. How I got it to work is as the following:

  1. In the File dropdown Menu I clicked “Save as”. This really confused me as I assumed it would be “Synch” right? Or export? And what is with that icon on the toolbar “synch with mobile devices”? Seems to do nothing.

  2. in the location to save I opened Dropbox and selected the default Scrivener folder for IOS (e.g /Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener )

  3. in IOS I made sure that Scrivener was set to synch with the correct folder, But please note, my work wouldn’t synch unless I clicked to another project in the binder (such as the tutorial) and back again.

Hope this helps

I’ve been using Dropbox for over 4 or 5 years, so I’m used to its quirks. Takes a while to learn how it works, though. I was able to get files working by having the laptop and iPad open, sitting side by side and seeing what happened when I did something.

That said, I’m confused by the Mobile Devices sync in the Desktop Scrivener (Mac). What does that do?

I think there needs to be an alternative to Dropbox. If this software is dependent solely on that service, then what happens when that service goes down or something screws up on their end?

Users should have a way right from the get-go to sync via: Box, Google Drive, iCloud (this seems obvious), and OneDrive.

I am very, very frustrated over how synching is done, and am debating about returning your product until these matters are addressed. Synching is perhaps, if not, the most important aspect of your app, and if it remains as confusing as it is right now, I don’t think people will be inclined to using your app, no matter how many bells and whistles it has.

Sorry to be rough, but I had high hopes for Scrivener for iOS, and so far it’s fallen well below my expectations.

Yosimiti, you posted much the same ‘demand refund’ threat in another thread. Less than a day!

How about posting full details of your particular issue, screenshots etc so the L&L team and other forum users can see if there’s an actual problem, or merely an education thing.