Syncing Dropbox 132.4 with Ventura 13.2.1

Hoping someone can help. I upgraded to the latest dropbox, but now I can’t seem to sync my MacBook, desktop, and phone. I have the latest version of my scrivener document on my Macbook, but I cannot get it to my desktop or either mac technology. Dropbox says it is syncing. Im not sure if it is the upgrade to Dropbox, but I don’t believe anything else has changed. Can someone assist, please?


Does Dropbox show it’s syncing and never complete the function, or does it say “Your files are up to date”? If it’s just never completing the sync, that would explain why your files aren’t getting anywhere. You may want to contact Dropbox support about that issue, if that’s what it is.

And are the files just not showing up in Dropbox on your other computer (let’s leave out the phone for now), or do you see them there but they’re greyed out, or what does it look like? Do you have the same version of Dropbox on both computers?


It says my files are up-to-date

I am running Monterey 12.6.3 and dropbox v169.4.5684 on my desktop; MacBook is Ventura 13.2.1 with the same dropbox version v169.4.5684

The files are not greyed out on dropbox.

With the new version of Dropbox I note that they have a new place for dropbox files to be stored. Which is /Users/Name of person/Library/CloudStorage/Dropbox not sure if that makes a difference. But all of my files that are not Scrivener are syncing.

I would have a read through of this article in the knowledge base. Out of the box, Dropbox is configured in a state that doesn’t sync everything.

How are you determining that your Scriv project is not syncing? Is it just not showing up at all in the Dropbox folder of your desktop? Or is it that it is there but Sciv throws up a message when you try to open it? Or is it rather that the project is there but is just not up to date?

  1. If the first, can you confirm in the Finder that your project file is actually in the Dropbox-blessed folder on you laptop?

  2. If the second, then you need to tell Dropbox not to store your project file “remote only”. Sciv needs all the elements of the project file to be resident on your mac.

  3. If it is the third, well, it isn’t the third, I figure.

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It is not syncing because when I open up the file on my desktop the file has not changed from what is on my MacBook. The project is there but not updated on my desktop.

Not sure what you mean by dropbox-blessed. The scrivener file is in the Dropbox-Apps-Scrivener-then the name of the project.scrv

Two things:

  1. Check to make sure your files are set to be available offline, not online-only.
  2. If you’ve been looking at a copy of the project that auto-opens or is under the Recent Projects menu, try launching the file through the Dropbox folder in Finder and see if it still doesn’t sync changes.

Hi, yes I have read this thanks. It is different now. The screen shows this on dropbox.

It says the version of macOS requires DropBox folders to be stored here:


Which I believe is different.

ANd I have discovered I do not have this folder. But I am not sure what this means.

Is the contents of this folder the same on all devices that join in the sync? In other words, is the sync working?

Either Dropbox is not working yet, or you have not yet set the Dropbox files to be available “offline” (as in the syn instructions, FAQ, and per @JenT above)

Sounds like you are just opening an old copy of the project on your desktop machine, not the one that is being synced.

  1. On both your machines, you need to get to that new Dropbox folder inside ~/Library/CloudStorage/ and make an alias of it to put somewhere convenient to you. (The Dropbox widget on the menubar has a folder icon to get there quick. Then just hit command-upArrow to get to the parent folder of that. Then you can make an alias of the db folder itself and pit it somewhere easily accessible.)

  2. You need to make sure your most current version of the project (on your laptop, I believe) is in that folder.

  3. Let DB sync on both machines. Then using Finder open that new Dropbox folder and open the project. Check that you are now seeing the current thing.

Since we are talking about an active project of yours, please make a zipped copy of that project right now and set it somewhere away from the action — for your safety and peace of mind.

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Thanks for your help. I realised it was stored in a folder on my laptop which was an old Dropbox folder. I have renamed the file and copied it into the app folder of Dropbox, and all is working.

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