Syncing Dropbox

Okay so i think i know the answer to my own question but i’m going to ask it as I really don’t to move valuable documents to Dropbox.

So I have my own NAS cloud system set up at home, which works beautifully! It looks after my PhD thesis beautifully without causing me problem. Now i want to use the iOS app to write on the go but has anyone come up with an alternative that doesn’t involve moving key folders into the created Dropbox file? It frustrates me this is the only way to sync a resident file on my Mac so look for alternatives.

Any suggestions would be great :slight_smile:

You don’t have to move any folders.
Make a special Dropbox subfolder where you put the Scrivener project you want to write in using the iOS device. Don’t put anything else there.

There are other ways, which you’ll find if you do some searching on the forum, using zipped backups and moving things using other cloud services, visible to the Files app that is preinstalled on your iOS device, and combining it with the FilesApp app (which is a free third-party app…). Search and you’ll find…

I have used the Dropbox alternative ever since iOS Scrivener was first released, without hickups.

The main DropBox folder can reside on your NAS but you would still need to put the shared file inside the DropBox folder.