Syncing files to share between systems in Drop Box

I am working on my desktop on a story that I wrote for Nano. I have another version of the project on my laptop that I want to merge with it. I need to combine the two projects, but when I tried to import the file from the desktop via drop to the other existing file on the laptop, nothing new showed up in the project. The videos I found on syncing files was done on a Mac, and the directions they gave didn’t match up with what is in Windows.

The issue I ran into with this both with Drop Box and OneDrive was that they took too long to sync. I would close out the file on my main PC and move to my more mobile one and it would open the old version of the file because the newest one was still trying to sync up to the cloud. The amount of time it took was escalating to overnight. Eventually, I got fed up and just started using a USB drive to go between the two.

If you’re looking at instructions for “external folder sync”, that’s a Mac only feature. But to combine two scrivener projects, you don’t need that feature. As for “Drop Box”, I’m going to assume you’re talking about the service provided by, and are using the software installed on both machines, rather than trying to sync using the web browser (some people mistake this as the method for using Dropbox).

What you want to do is to sync one of the projects via dropbox, and when it’s done syncing, open both projects in Scrivener. Then drag documents from one project’s binder to the other project’s binder.

Alternately, you can use the “File->Import->Scrivener project” menu if you want to import everything.

You should use File-Backup->Back up to… to create a backup of the project your copying to before you start, just in case the merge process gets confusing.