Syncing Folders on Dropbox

I keep trying to sync my project to drop box but I can’t find an actual step-by-step guide that isn’t for Macs or ipads.

Do I have to turn on syncing for each project or do I have to do it for each file of the project? I tried with one and for some reason, it only did my notes. If anyone knows a step-by-step guide that explains it I’d be happy for the link.

I keep my scriverer projects in dropbox directly and they seem to sync ok. They are stored as just files and folders so there should be nothing to do to enable syncing. However if you work on the same project on two different devices (which i don’t), i can see scrivener getting confused and maybe not updating both views at the same time. As an experiment, i made a change to a document, saved it and saw that drop box synced the file right away. On my linux box i saw the same dropbox icon show the little blue sync badge breifly and when i looked to see what was synched, it was the document (or rather the GUID named directory conatining the document.

Backup the project to a non-Dropbox location, just in case.

Install the Dropbox software on your PC. Ensure that it is running and connected to your Dropbox account.

This should create a “Dropbox” item in Windows Explorer. If you want sub-folders, create them as normal.

With Scrivener closed, move the entire .scriv folder containing your project into the Dropbox folder (or your desired folder).

Ensure that this folder is “available offline.”

Allow Dropbox to sync.

Ensure that the Dropbox software is installed and running on the destination PC. Allow it to sync.

That should be all you need to do. Please read this article, on best practices to avoid synchronization errors: