Syncing fonts with iOS/Windows

I was reading up on the font syncing with Scrivener for iOS via Dropbox, and it appears that you can copy a font there for use on iOS Scrivener. But can Scrivener for Mac and/or Windows (v3 beta) make use of those fonts too, or do they have to be installed on the local desktop OS?

I’m sure the answer is that the OS has to have an installed copy, but wanted to be sure before I went font shopping (or browsing, since I don’t have the option to install fonts on Windows (at work). I’d like something other than the “Web Safe” fonts to choose from that will be used on all of my Scrivener devices.

Also, am I correct that those (or any) fonts are not included in compiled output files, due to potential copyright violations?

Can’t say about Windows, but I have put the fonts I use regularly in Scrivener on my Macs—Adobe Garamond Pro and Libertinus Serif for instance—on my iPad. In general, most of what I compile in English I put out in Times New Roman <ugh!> because the text is going to Chinese colleagues, who are often Windows users, and TNR is safe. The projects I share with my Chinese colleagues are also in TNR, though generally they’re not on my iPad as I need to use Sync, not Dropbox, to share with them.



I believe you’re right, rdale. As I recall, the ability to copy a font to the Scrivener Dropbox area was a work-around, because installing a font to iOS itself has to be done with a third-party app.

True, but the third party app—I’m not near my iPad and can’t remember its name—is free and very straightforward to use.



Skyfonts? It requires admin rights to install. I’m reasonably sure it’s not a major vulnerability, but on the other hand, if I can’t install a font manually on my PC, then someone must consider it a security risk. I’m allowed certain latitude when choosing what tools I need to install as an administrative user, but I’m not a graphic designer, so I’d be hard-pressed to justify that particular install.

Personally, I use Anyfont, but if your iPad is under corporate control, I understand that a font installation app may be out of the question.

I’ve never had to endure corporate control of an iOS device. It must be tough. :confused: