Syncing IOS with dropbox

I’ve been using Scrivener for mac for about 3 years without any problems. For a few days now I’ve been trying to sync my IOS with Dropbox after changing my email address. I’ve had no issues for several years with syncing with my previous email address but now after I’ve changed my email address in Dropbox it won’t sync. I’ve tried using the recommended Scrivener label and the other one but nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong or not doing at all?
Thanks for any advice and suggestions.

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: Quick Troubleshooting for iOS Syncing / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

This sounds like a Dropbox issue, though, for instance it could be failing to recognize your account with the new email address. You can test to see if Dropbox itself is working by creating an ordinary text file in the Dropbox folder on the Mac, synchronizing, and confirming that it appears in your account at If it does, then see if it also appears in the Dropbox app on the iOS device.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Yes, a PDF and a JPEG file have synced it’s just five individual Scrivener files that won’t. They have the scriv ending so I don’t know why they not only don’t sync but also they don’t show in IOS.

See the troubleshooting guide I posted.

Also, if syncing individual files works, try again with a test project. Create it in the Dropbox folder on the Mac, synchronize, and use a browser to inspect it on the Dropbox server. If it appears there correctly, see if it appears on iOS. Knowing exactly where the transfer fails is key to figuring out why it’s happening.

I did read the troubleshooting guide but I’m clear on all the suggestions. None work.
Here are two screenshots. One is from Scrivener IOS. I’ve tried numerous times to get my files to show including repeatedly pressing the sync button and trying to use both Dropbox folders. You’ll see from the second screenshot that two non Scrivener files have synced from my Mac to Dropbox.

Do you have the Dropbox app installed on the iOS device? If so, what does it say?


You didn’t explicitly mention that you unlinked Scrivener from your old Dropbox account and relinked Scrivener to your new Dropbox account – have you done that?

To Unlink: from the Projects screen shown above, press Edit, choose Unlink.

To Relink: Follow the instructions in Setting up Dropbox Sync.


The second screenshot is from Dropbox on my IOS showing all my files including Scrivener and the PDF and JPEG files. The last two have synced.

I have Scrivener linked to my new email address.

If the files are present on the device but not visible to Scrivener, the most likely reason is that iOS Scrivener has either become unlinked from Dropbox, or is pointing to a different folder. You can check both by tapping the Edit button on the main Project screen, then the Dropbox Settings option.

As the screenshot shows the Scrivener files are not showing in IOS although they show in Dropbox. I’ve deleted these files from my old email address and relinked my new email address to Dropbox.
I’ve uninstalled and then downloaded Dropbox on my Mac. Ditto with Dropbox and Scrivener on IOS. Nothing seemed to have changed. I put all my Scrivener files into one folder on my Mac.
Then I shut down my iPhone and after a while restarted it. Next, I returned to IOS and changed the folder to download from the recommended Scrivener one to ‘other’. Voila! The Scrivener folder downloaded and working. I’ve written in one of the files on Mac and that’s updated on IOS. It’s been a few days to sort this out and it does feel like it was solved more by luck than judgment but c’est la vie and much thanks to you and JimRac for your support and suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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