Syncing Scrivener Across Devices

Is there an easier way to do this beyond saving the Scrivener file in OneDrive or some such and opening the file from whichever device you’re on? Does that make sense? I’m looking for an interface something like OneNote where I can open the program anywhere and my information is just there. Thanks in advance!

My (limited) understanding is that OneNote is maintained using Microsoft’s dedicated cloud servers. Evernote is similar. Literature & Latte do not own a big server farm that would make this possible, hence the syncing depends on using OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. OTOH, Scrivener’s unique characteristics are unmatched in OneNote, Evernote, etc. It’s a matter of what’s most important to your work.

The way One Note syncs across devices is that it is integrated with OneDrive and/or OneNote’s notebook databases are saved to OD. The interface you’re looking for is the Windows File browser viewing OneDrive/Dropbox, etc., where you keep your Scrivener projects. Just move existing ones there, and save newly created Scrivener projects to that location in the first place.

Before you start storing your projects in any cloud-synced folders, please be sure to familiarize yourself with Lit & Lat’s recommendations and warnings here:

I appreciate the information. After reading the cautions, it looks to be a little more finicky than it’s worth. That’s a problem since I work on a Mac desktop at home and an HP laptop at meetings. Thank you both for your help, though.

Far from it. I work regularly with my colleague in China … I’m on Mac, she’s on Windows. We use Sync, as Dropbox is blocked in China, and Sync requires a little more care than Dropbox in terms of making sure all uploads and downloads are complete before opening a project or closing the computer.

Fundamentally, for you, since you are using both computers, that is the most onerous thing. Once set up, it’s no different from accessing a project on your hard drive … just make sure you’ve closed the project and allowed sync’ing to happen on both machines before opening it on the other…

And the only set up is having the appropriate app—I have no idea about One Drive for this, as I’ve never used it at all—installed on each computer, logged into the cloud server, and your project(s) saved into the resulting folder.Apart from that, if you use v.3 on the Mac, you’ll need to use the Beta 3 on Windows.


Have you found Sync reliable for large Scriv projects? In the past the Sync devs didn’t recommend it for use with Scriv, but perhaps they were being naturally cautious. I guess one alternative is to use it for backups which are zipped and I believe OK with pretty much any sync system.

Despite my having a few referrals to pad it out, I’m finding the limited space on DropBox a headache as my Scriv projects get larger. As a result I’ve been looking for an alternative to DropBox for syncing Mac to Mac Scriv projects. At 75p/month for 50Gb iCloud would be ideal, but unfortunately is a non starter.

I’m using MacOS Mojave across two Macs at present. I can forgo sync with the iOS version.