Syncing stopped working


until today syncing to Dropbox was working perfectly. But suddenly syncing stopped. I have made some changes in Scrivener for iOs and hit the sync button. Scrivener is syncing the files and everything seems ok. But when I am looking in the Dropboxfolder the files weren’t be synced. I have tried it with several projects: Everywhere it’s the same. It is not syncing since hours.
When i manually sync a project whre no changes have been made the messeage appears “Dropbox is up to date”.

Then I have reset the Clear Dropbox Sync Cache. Nothing changed. After that I have unlinked from Dropbox. Then I wanted to link to Dropbox again but after tapping the button “Lnk to Dropbox” I am getting everytime only a blank screen. Reloading the page ends in a blank screen too.

After that I have deleted Scrivener and installed it again. But I still can’t not Link to Dropbox. I am always getting the blank screen.

What is going wrong?

Thanks for helping

I have managed to link Scrivener iOS to Dopbox again.

But the sync-problem still exists. The syncing from Windows to iOS is working but not from iOS to Windows.
When I make changes in iOS, Scrivener shows me, that it is syncing to Dropbox. After finishing, the syncing time is displayed under the project correctly. When I have a look online into the Dropbox-Folder apps/scrivener/projectname the files have’nt been updated. There is still the old timestamp.

I would from the project screen on iOS tap the Edit button and then the Gear, selecting “Dropbox Settings”. This will print the folder name you are using (simple “Cancel” once you’ve looked it up). Now ensure that you are navigating to the same location on Windows. It sounds to me as though maybe the iOS version is updating one folder and you’re examining another.

Thank you for answering.
I have checked the folders. On iOS it is “Apps/Scrivener” and on Windows it is “…/DropBox/Apps/Scrivener”. I think that this is correct because syncing from Windows to DropBox to iOS is working correctly. Until yesterday the syncing was working. I have changed nothing and suddenly it stopped.
Syncing from iOS to Dropbox is not working. I double checked online the Dropboxfolders.

Any other idea?

Yes, that sounds like the same folder then (the “Dropbox” part isn’t printed because that is implied). It sounds like you’ve done a good job of resetting the environment on your device, it might be worthwhile to do the same on the PC. Dropbox can get jammed up on our main computers as well, though in my experience it is less common.

You could verify that by using the Dropbox website instead of your PC. Go there and check the modification dates on the server itself. If those are updating when you sync from iOS, then the problem isn’t there, it’s the connection between the PC and Dropbox. I’d investigate troubleshooting solutions based on that information if so.

Ok, what I have checked:

Working in Scrivener for Windows. Checking the modification dates on DropBox Website. Checking Scrivener for iOS.
Result: The modification dates have been changed. The changes have been synced to Scrivener for iOS. Synchronisation is working.

Working on Scrivener for iOS. Checking the modification dates on DropBox Website. Checking Scrivener for Windows.
Result: The modification dates haven’t been changed. The changes have not been synced to Scrivener for Windows.
Synchronisation is not working.

Synchronisation from Windows to Dropbox to iOS Scrivener: Working correctly.
Synchronisation from iOS to Dropbox to Windows Scrivener: Not working.

Thank you for helping.

A detail:
Your PC uploads changes to the Dropbox server irrespectively if you later open the project on an iOS device or not.
It’s the same with your iOS device. It uploads to the Dropbox server and you don’t have to access it from anywhere else.

You can check the contents on your Dropbox server from the iOS device, using the Dropbox app or the web interface, or from the PC using the web interface.

If your iOS device says that everything is synced (i.e. uploaded to the Dropbox server), check the time stamp from the iOS device.

Hi lunk,

yes, that’s right. What do you mean with the timestamp from iOS? The Date and Time below the Project name and the Dropbox Icon?
This shows the correct sync time after hitting the sync button in iOS. Nevertheless when looking on the Dropbox website the timestamp is not the same. The sync is not working.

No, you do have a Dropbox app on your iOS device, don’t you?
Use it to see when the files in the project changed.

Until now i didn’t have the dropbox app.
Installed it and it shows me one file (for example projectname.sriv) for every project. The timestamp remains always 0 seconds for these files. When clicking these files I can’t get into a folder like a can do it on the Dropbox Website.

Reinsalled Scrivener for Windows and reinstalled Scrivener for iOS. Now it is working…
Hopeing, that this will be in the future too.

Thanks for helping with your advice!