Syncing Two Scrivner Projects - How To

I’ve been searching the forms here to see if anybody has addressed this particular issue.

I have been doing the process manually, but I’m looking for a possible solution to automate this.

What I would like to do, in an effort to do some collaboration with my riding partner, is to have the ability to keep a Scrivener project on dropbox that is our Sync file. Then, individually create a duplicate of that file on each of our computers. As we update researcher notes, would want to copy the changes over to the sink file periodically.

The idea is, if the file on dropbox in the file on my own computer are periodically updated so that they match, as each of us create new entries and add them to the file in the cloud – we can be updated on changes in new inputs.

I realize, when I add updates from my iOS device and then open up on my computer, I get a collection that shows what’s new and been added. I can then manually send that to the shared file by using the copy to projects function. I open both the file in our shared drop box folder in the file on my computer and send over all the new information to the shared file.

I’d like to find a way to automate the process. I am not trying to update changes to a particular document in the Scrivener file. I realize that syncing that might be more complex, though if there’s an easy way to know something was updated and included in the sink that would be great. But I’m primarily trying to do is bring over any new research or sections that have been added so that we have the latest information that we have brought intot he research phase of the project - symply and easily.

I am Magine that might be something that could be worked with one of the services like IFFT or Zapier - But not sure.

Thanks for any insight


You might have a look at the Import and Merge feature. See Section 5.3.2 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual.


Thanks = I stumbled upon that chapter this morning! There is so much power in this app - Its hard to learn about all the possibilities!