Syncing with Index Card iOS

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I just bought Index Card for the iPad app and getting to know its sync functions. In the midst of the process, my iPad got updated to the newest version.

I’m trying to follow the YouTube tutorial for syncing Scrivener with my Index Card collection but when it came time to choose (in Scrivener) Sync > Index Card for iPad, my iPad had updated and it now only offers Sync > Index Card for iOS.

If I choose Index Card for iOS it says “no collections found” despit the fact that I do have a DropBox folder with both a .rtf and a .indexcard file in it.

I’m not sure if the update has anything to do with it or if I’m doing anything wrong. Any ideas for me?
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Pretty sure you just need to select what you want to sync in the Binder and create a new collection. Then, use that collection for syncing to Index Card from Scrivener. For syncing initially from the other direction (IC to Scrivener) I think you would need to import a Index Card project that has been exported in a format Scrivener can import.

Hope that makes sense…

I’m talking about ‘the other direction’ - syncing Index Card TO Scrivener.

My Index Card collection has been saved into Dropbox as both an RTF and a .indexcard file. (The .indexcard file is supposed to Sync with Scrivener)

The problem is that the dropdown menu IN Scrivener (File > Sync) only give the options to

  1. “Sync with external folder”
  2. “Sync with SimpleNote…”
  3. “Sync with Index Card for iOS…”

There is no Dropdown option to “Sync with Index Card for iPad” as they show in the tutorial.

When I click, “Sync with Index Card for iOS” it says: “No Collections Found.” Yet they’re right there in my DropBox folder.

Is there some new compatibility issue now that my iPad just got updated a few minutes after I bought Index Card?

Is there anyone out there who can help? I just did SO much work in Index Card hoping that the sync wouldn’t be problematic.

Anyone out there have an answer?

Sorry for the late reply. It says “for iOS” now because since the video tutorial, Index Card got an iPhone app, so “for iPad” was no longer accurate.

Anyway, RobertB’s answer was spot on. It doesn’t matter which way you are going, you need to create a collection in Scrivener first that can receive your index card sync. So, simply create a Collection in Scrivener and try again, and it will work.

Hope that helps.

All the best,