Syncing with mobile


I just want to get straight how to sync properly with mobile.

I mostly work on my laptop or desktop, working on a folder on my NAS at home. Automatic backups are made to Dropbox when I close the program. When I travel I use the mobile version of Scrivener on my iPad.

Before I leave I make sure I sync the mobile version of Scrivener, so I’m sure I’m working on the latest backup, which is identical to the up-to-date project on my NAS, since it backs up before closing.

When I’m done working on the mobile version, do I have to press the sync button on the iOS app once more? I’m not sure if I do that. I kind of figured I’m working within Dropbox. So let me know if I should manually sync before closing the ios app or not.

Anyway, when I’m back home and want to quit working on the iPad, I copy the Scrivener folder in Dropbox and replace the file on my NAS with this updated folder.

I never use the “Sync with mobile devices” button in Scrivener on my Windows machines. I don’t really get the manual on this: is it for syncing when you have the mobile app open on the same file?

The definitive guide for synchronizing via Dropbox is here: … g-with-ios

Yes, you definitely should sync before leaving iOS Scrivener. That’s the only way to “push” the changes to Dropbox.

Yes, the Sync with Mobile Devices command is intended for situations where you have un-synced changes in the mobile version, for example if you inadvertently left the desktop version running while you were working on the mobile version. It reloads the project from disk, incorporating any new or changed files from the “mobile” sub-folder.


Are laptops also considered mobile devices for these purposes?

The only mobile Scrivener app is the one for iOS. The Windows and Mac versions are non-mobile, “desktop” apps, I guess. The nomenclature is a bit outdated, isn’t it? I’m not sure anyone’s settled on words that communicate the difference between the two types of device to modern consumers, so we’re stuck with this distinction for a while, until “desktop” computers are discontinued by the major manufacturers. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. iOS Scrivener puts its changes in a separate “Mobile” folder to facilitate conflict resolution. Mac and Windows Scrivener do not.

This means that Scrivener does less to protect you from synchronization errors if you are using a laptop vs. an iOS device. Close your project when you’re away from it.