Syncing with Simplenote, Alas

I have a love-hate with Scrivener, and here’s why:

Nothing else helps me organize and update my novel so well while I’m working on my laptop. But when I want to go mobile, oh then, dear reader, do I end up in a spot of difficulty.

Syncing with Simplenote doesn’t do it for me. The sorting files alphabetically thing would be great except I don’t want to inject extraneous chapter numbers in my chapter titles which I will then have to delete by hand in my final draft. And update manually when I change my order of chapters or add a new one. Over and over again.

I don’t like that when I rename a chapter or add a new one, I then have to go through the long checklist and make sure that I check the box for that new item when I sync. My world moves fast, and again, I wish there were a simple idiot-proof way to sync without all the time-consuming customizable stuff.

And I know this isn’t Scrivener’s fault, but I find that when I make changes to a Simplenote file in a browser, it doesn’t always transfer over to the same Simplenote file on my iPad.

Last night I was at my weekly writing class, and not once but twice I was not able to read the proper file, the most recent version, to my teacher, to whom I am paying a certain degree of cash in exchange for time. I found it to be an untenable situation.

My ideal scene is that the fine men and women of Literature and Latte really buckle down and get that gosh darned iPad app up and rocking. This year.

Or I may be looking for other options. Just sayin.’

And if you, lovely reader, have a bit of advice, an easy fix or even a medium difficult fix, which might solve my woes and result in smiles and relaxation on my part, oh, please do chime in!

Many thanks!

Margaret Mayo McGlynn

I found syncing with SimpleNote worked best when I only synced a few documents within a project, or used it to write new sections from scratch. I’d need to retrieve my old thesis project to see how I set it up but, from memory, I had one folder outside of my main draft synced to Simplenote and (I think, it’s been a while now) individual documents synced on an as-needed basis.

My system worked well for my needs. Which were, for the most part, working on a section when I was “hot” and wanted to take it with me or for jotting notes when they came to me at unexpected times and places. I always had my phone handy and could simply type them on the spot and know they would sync when I got home. Several small, but significant, chunks of my thesis were written on my iPhone when on the bus.

For anything more demanding than the above, I think I’d now use folder sync and Cubby or DropBox. I haven’t used folder sync (I’m waiting for iOS-Scriv too), so can’t offer any insight using it.

Darling MMM,
Why does trying to access your website, throw up a phishing warning?!! :open_mouth:

I believe there is a small error in her provide. It appears that her email address is listed as her website. This is what is causing the warning the “entrapment of fish” is possible.

I know it sounds a bit luddite-ish but in the absence of Scriv IOS how about taking your laptop to class - no sync issues then!

I tried syncing with Simplenote but didn’t really like it so I switched to Textilus instead on my iPad. The only problem, so far, was when I once forgot to quit Textilus on my iPad, but closed Scrivener on my Mac due to a restart, and ended up with two versions of several “chapters” in Scrivener. But, because Scrivener recognized the differences and saved both versions of everything, there wasn’t really a problem.

And Textilus does not screw up the order of the different chapters or anyting like that. It’s not as good as having a true iOS version of Scrivener, but it’s good enough for now!

Foxtrot, you are wise! I have been lugging my laptop to class. :slight_smile: