Syncing with "Sync"?

Hello, I was wondering if one can sync Scrivener via “Sync”, who, I’m told is kicking "Dropbox’s behind, Cheers

  1. Sync themselves apparently advise that it is not suitable for package (multi-file under-the-hood) projects like Scrivener projects, where, every time you pause for a couple of seconds, changes which may involve quite a number of the internal files are saved; so you use it at your own risk.

  2. If you are wanting to sync with iOS/iPadOS, the answer is no, because only Dropbox provides the necessary API for that.

  3. On the other hand, I have used Sync for many years both for my own projects and to work with a collaborator in China, as Dropbox is blocked there. So it can be used to share projects; I am a Mac user, my collaborator uses Windows.

  4. If you set Sync to give you notifications, I have found it notifies me every time my collaborator is working and her changes are sync’ed.

  5. That said, a recent rewrite of their code means that Sync throws up many more conflicted files—in the past they were very rare, now they happen fairly regularly between my two Macs. However, Scrivener flags them on opening a project and by choosing the most recent version from the dialog, the project opens smoothly though the index may be rebuilt, and the other version is loaded too so you can check it if you need.

I still use it for my own projects. Fortunately, my collaborator is in Ireland for a couple of years, so we are using Dropbox while she is there as conflicts are not an issue.




Thank you very much for the info, my friend!

We have an article on best practices that’s relevant to pretty much any synchronization service:

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And here is an extended checklist for testing sync services. If you haven’t heard too much about it, or they are saying weird things about how they don’t support syncing folders with files in them (which is all packages are), then running it through some drills that are designed to test weak points can bring some peace of mind.

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