Syncing Word Documents to Scrivener

I was wondering if there is a method to edit word documents and have them automatically sync up with corresponding segments (chapters, scenes, whatever the proper terminology would be) in Scrivener. I like the wholesale overview of Scrivener and the fact that all my background material is in one place along with outlining etc. But as an editor it is awfully slow often pausing for up to a minute or two at a time as I type with my creative juices flowing. I much prefer composing and editing in Word.

I know the documents can be exported from scrivener to word and visa versa, but is there any way to live sync them so you don’t have to constantly import and export . I am thinking like how Word handles large documents by including subdocuments. You can work on the subdocument, yet when looking at the whole the main document automatically incorporates the edits.

I don’t think the functionality exists, but not being an expert at Scrivener, I like to ask the question and hopefully get pleasantly surprised?