Synopsis and associated picture

Is there a way to show both the synopsis and the associated picture on the inspector sidebar? To a similar effect, would it be possible to have the picture shown on the corkboard and the synopsis on the sidebar (or vice versa)?

My personal use case is that I have a bunch of documents for characters/persons. Using the associated image by drag&drop onto the target field is a little more straightforward than putting the image into the research folders and linking it from the character document. The synopsis reminds me of key facts. Ideally I would like to see both the visual and the textual info.

There’s no way to see both in the corkboard, no, and no plans to make that possible, sorry. However, I may a preference that will allow you to set it so that synopses are always shown in the inspector by default, with the images only appearing on the corkboard.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith, for your feedback. The preference setting to always see the synopses in the inspector and images on the corkboard would be great indeed. The other idea was to be able to see both on the sidebar, e.g. by having the associated image on a “tab” like document notes or the keywords.