Synopsis field losing focus due to autosave?

Apologies if this has been addressed. Couldn’t find it.

I’ve been filling out synopsis fields in an outline and have found a rather annoying behaviour. When I double click in a synopsis field, fill it in, then move onto the next synopsis by double clicking it in turn, the field loses focus after a moment: the entry cursor disappears and the whole entry is selected in grey. I suspect autosave is the culprit: when the save is done the field loses focus.

Not exactly flow inducing.:slight_smile:



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Reproduced and added to the list to fix before 1.0.

Good to hear, Thanks.


And… fixed. :slight_smile:

Ha. I love that.

While we’re at it,

I’ve also noticed that in act 2, when one particular character opens his mouth, something boring comes out. I’m not sure if you can reproduce this, but since you seem to be on a roll, could you fix it?

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I’ve been trying to get Scrivener to fix flat writing for ages, but sadly, no matter what I do it has no effect on anything I put into it… :slight_smile: