Synopsis Template

Hi Hivemind,
I’m one day in to Scrivener and am just keeping my head above the information wave…
I apologise if this is an obvious question.
When writing in hardcopy, I use an index card for each scene that has a standard format - who, what, where, that kind of thing. I get that this is the synopsis panel in Scrivener, but is there any way to create a template for the synopsis, like there is a template for characters and places?
Thank you good and kind people.

Just create a new, blank document, fill in its synopsis with the prompts you want, and drag it into the templates folder. It’s really that simple. If you need more details, look up section 7,5 in the manual.

Hope this helps!

Notes are primitive. You may want document notes or bookmarks instead. If you want anything fancy, create a document template in the Template Sheets folder and use it whenever you want to create one of these who/what/where summaries. Then bookmark the new file. Here’s a video.

Putting the who-what-wheres together in a folder is optional and I’d probably do it a bit differently after all: