Synopsis Window Gets Spazzy

I have been working on a beat sheet/outline for my next novel using the synopsis feature on my iPhone. I’ve noticed at a certain point as I add more and more text, it seems to reach a limit. Every time I try to type a new character, it takes me all the way to the bottom of the text. So if I’m making revisions or adding more details somewhere up above what my screen is showing, I have to work blindly and it spazzes/the screen quickly shifts up/back to the bottom of the synopsis field with every single keystroke.

Has anyone else had this situation and found a work around? The only solution I’ve been able to find so far is to copy and paste all the text into the notes field or into the text document itself, make all the corrections, and then copy and paste back, but this quickly becomes a hassle.

Thank you in advance!

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Thanks, I can reproduce this by pasting a large amount of text into the synopsis field and doing some typing. I get erratic scrolling behaviour when entering new lines, and when typing enough to cause word wrap, as well as what you describe where if you are inserting text toward the top, it ends up scrolling to the bottom and staying fixed there despite text being entered off-screen.

It’s been added to the list.

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