System Wide Scratch Pad shortcut?

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the user manual but I was under the impression that the shortcut key combination for calling Scrivener’s Scratch Pad feature was available no matter where I was in my computer.

Or perhaps I have something set improperly.

At any rate, I can only activate Scratch Pad from within Scrivener. I cannot be in say, my browser, and activate it from there.

Also, although I have SP set as transparent it is still visible over other window apps. Should it not retreat behind the active window?

I’ve tried searching on this but I am unclear about how it is supposed to work.

(Latest version, on 2 Win7 (64) machines)

Rick Grant

The Ctrl+Shift+0 shortcut is intended to be global, so you can call up the Scratch Pad even when your focus is not in Scrivener, so long as Scrivener is running. If this isn’t working for you, it’s likely a shortcut conflict from either the specific program where it’s not working or from another global shortcut key you have set up, e.g. from a program like AutoHotKey that works across applications.

The Scratch Pad is always floating above other windows; transparency lets you see behind it partially, but it does not make the Scratch Pad window move to the back. Just close it and call it up again as necessary, or resize it so it can float somewhere out of the way.

Thank you for going to the trouble of explaining that.

I clearly must have a conflict (on two computers) as you described because I simply cannot call Scratch Pad when outside of Scrivener, no matter what keyboard shortcut I use.

I do not have AutoHotKey but there must be something in my W7(64) which is getting in the way.

As a workaround I have started using the old Win95 Cardfile program with a keyboard shortcut to achieve much of what I wanted from Scratch Pad, without the easy to use export to the project features of course.

Thanks again for your help

Rick Grant