Tab / indent = newline? Help!

Just upgraded to the new version of Scrivener. I’m probably missing something really obvious, but pressing the tab button creates a new line, rather than indenting text. Any way I can just force an indent? I’m working on poems, and for some lines require indents…

I’ve noted that pressing alt-tab inserts a bulleted indent. I don’t need the bullet mark, but that helps to create tab-stops, so the tab key works after that. Bit of a pain to have to do that for every new document, though…

First, alt-tab shouldn’t create a bulleted indent, so make sure to select “None” from the lists pop-up in the formatting bar to ensure there is no invisible lingering bullet formatting.

Second, show the ruler (cmd-R) and add some tabs. It sounds as though you are hitting the tab key, but there are no tabs beyond the current cursor position - in that case, the cursor will go to the next line. It’s not actually adding a newline, and is in fact adding a tab, but with no tab in the ruler it just tabs to the next line.

Hope that helps.

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Alt-tab key does produce bullets points for me. At least it produces a list with a ‘-’ for leading character, rather than an actual blob-shaped bullet. Further presses further indent the bullet, but don’t change the character.

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood, but isn’t this the standard OS X behaviour in rtf documents and a useful feature? It certainly works in Textedit and users got quite cross with DevonTHINK when they suddenly used that combination for something else without warning a couple of betas ago.



Ahem. Yes, it is. I stand corrected. :blush:

Yes, I should have been more specific. Alt-tab was creating an indent with something more like a dash than a bullet point.

“Second, show the ruler (cmd-R) and add some tabs. It sounds as though you are hitting the tab key, but there are no tabs beyond the current cursor position”

Sounds like what was happening. It just threw me that I had to go in and set these up myself, and I don’t remember having to do so in the previous version of Scrivener - I’m used to pressing tab et voila, indent. I’ve found an older piece with tab-stops inserted and used that to set the default for all new documents. Looks like it might take a second to wear this new version of Scrivener in, but aside from one or two small gotchas, I’m loving it.


Actually, that’s a good point - the new defaults only have a single tab, and that is at the same location as the first head indent, which is a little pointless. I’ve just fixed this to add some more tabs for 2.0.1.