Tab spacing and Adding tabs in Ruler

I recently encountered a problem with tabs.
Below I will paste the text I am including in my file

Max HP : 126
Max MP : 38
Physical Attack : 4
Physical Defense : 72
Accuracy : 33
Critical : 44
Attack Speed : 330
Magic Attack : 3
Magic Defense : 47
Evasion : 33
Speed : 126
Casting Speed : 213
HP Regeneration : 4.2/minute
MP Regeneration : 1.5/minute

The text above is using double tabs so that the bigger words are accommodated and it all looks uniform.
It looks like this in the Scrivener

However, on exports, docx has some problems with this:
Additionally, even text that uses single tabs, have issues with this:

I was thus advised to start using single tabs and adding them on the ruler. I did try using them, and even though everything looks perfect in the tool, the issue is still not fixed for docx and now it is broken for PDF as well:

Since the post is limited to 3 images, here’s how the exports look like: