Tabbing through outline

Here’s a usercase: I want to quickly outline a few scrivenings in the Outline view. I press Ctrl-N, edit the Title field and then press Tab to get to Synopsis. Nope. The focus stays where it is.
Ditto editing the outline. You press F2, enter edit/rename mode, great. Then you press Tab. But instead of going right you go down, reach the end of the column and stay there.
This is not how Tab should work in any kind of table navigation in Windows. And, yeah, you can click where you want to go and you don’t even leave the edit mode, but you have to take hands off your keyboard and it breaks your flow somewhat.

Sorry for the late reply; I’ve got this on the fix-list. Thanks for the report!

Hey, I’m not too quick on the draw myself. Anyway, that’s great news, thank you!