Table advice

I have a lot of tables in my work… I am not having much success with the formatting of tables within Scrivener to be compiled to Kindle. It looks like I may have to use images of tables instead. Can anyone give me good advice on this? What should the dimensions of image be so that it appears correctly and isn’t too blurry? What app are you designing the tables in? How are others doing this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I too use a lot of tables in my work and I think that tables in Scrivener need to be improved.

In my opinion the 1st improvement is to fix the width of the table not only in % but also in pixels.

I’m new to Scrivener and working on my thesis writing and there are many chapters that need to have tables and images. I imported my chapter done in Word but tables do not come out precisely + can’t adjust the size to fit w/ document’s alignment. In addition, no image from word file is shown in Scrivener.

Anyone can help on this matter? Otherwise, I will have to continue using word file. Thanks.

Scrivener is based on the Mac’s text engine. If they (Apple) ever get off their butts and improve tables (unlikely) things will get better.

So the options for tables are either to put in graphical place holders, and replace them in word when you do your final compile, or to learn to use Multimarkdown, which uses ascii characters to design the table, and then outputs some really nice looking ones when you compile.

Pictures are much easier. They have to be imported into your research folder separately, and then from their positions in the binder, drag them into the document where they are supposed to appear.