Table alignment and default

Is there a way to make a custom default layout for tables? Instead of a 50% width of cells can it be 30% for instance?

Also, how can I align the table to it is centered in the editor. I can center the default table, but once I edit it, it is a aligned to the left and not the center.

Anyone? Tables can’t be centered if not 50% cells?

Well, briefly! If you make a table in HTML, align=“center”, width=“45%”, display it in your browser, and cut and paste it into Scrivener’s editor, the editor will display the table as you’ve designed it, and take your content changes. But the table properties will devolve at some point after the doc has been saved and reloaded; they certainly will not withstand the closing and reopening of the project. Next time you see that table, it’ll be misaligned.

I’d pin it on the toolkit, and its particular dialect of RTF. Not to be.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks and I just gave up on trying to use tables. I can work around it in LibreOffice, but everything seems easiest if I just don’t try to use them. It does make me wonder why they even put the table option in Scrivener? Just seems useless if they can’t be altered and/or aligned.

If you need a table, you can insert one in Scrivener.
When the time comes to compile your manuscript you do so and start working with the layout - including altering and alignment of the table - in the program that does layout, like LibreOffice.
Remember that Scrivener doesn’t have layout functions like a wordprocessor. It’s not what it’s supposed to do.

I use a lot of tables, and granted, they are not ideal.

I’m not sure if this is what you want, but to change the column width, right click on a table and select ‘Table / Table Properties’ At the bottom of the dialogue box you can change the column width.

The settings might be slightly changed after opening and closing the project (because RTF does not store the column width as a percentage but in some other way, and something is lost in translation). But I have never know this to be worse than, say, changing 29% to 27%.

I tend to use a particularly-formatted table repeatedly, so I have a custom template set up with a blank version of it, that I can call up with the ‘Project / New from Template’ command.

I don’t know how to centre a table on the page.

“I don’t know how to centre a table on the page.”

The Mac version provides an alignment option for tables that is missing in the Windows version. Hopefully they’ll fix this oversight in the near future.

Can’t you just select the table and hit tbe Align Center Toolbutton in the Format Toolbar?

Another option is to place a table in a one cell table and center it inside that cell.