Table export from Scrivener to Latex

Hi, I want to export “Table” from Scrivener to Latex code. But when I did this, it didn’t produce any Latex code for any “Table” that I have drawn in Scrivener. Can anyone help me out of this problem?

Are you using MultiMarkdown to work with LaTeX? If so you pretty much need to use MultiMarkdown to compose your documents with. Scrivener itself is not a MultiMarkdown generator. There are a few exceptions to this where Scrivener handles special features itself. I recommend reading §22.4 (pg. 319 – 25) of the user manual (Mac, to be clear, but the capabilities are identical on both platforms), to see what forms of MMD syntax Scrivener can help you with.

Anything not specifically mentioned here needs to be in MMD, and that includes tables.

If you are not using MultiMarkdown, and using Scrivener as a LaTeX editor, you’ll need to handle all syntax yourself. Scrivener itself has no knowledge of LaTeX, but can be used as a pseudo-plain-text editor to construct TeX, XML or whatever type of file you want to make.

Thank you very much “AmberV”. I am using MultiMarkdown to compose my document. I am trying to design a workflow from Scrivener to Latex (to pdf). All works well except ‘table’. For example, I have a 3:4 table and some texts and numbers in the table. When I export this in Latex (by selecting MultiMarkdown --> Latex), I found only texts and numbers as a “plain text contents of document”, not in the form of a Latex table in .tex file.

MMD tables are a bit picky, and if you miss a detail they will not export as a table but a sequence of text and symbols. I would consult the MultiMarkdown documentation to verify that the table conforms to the rules described there. But again, to be clear, that’s just between your typing and the MultiMarkdown engine. We’re just passing what you type through to that. If you’re having a specific problem with a table that doesn’t seem to be working right, you may get better support from Fletcher. Feel free to paste it in a code block here though, I can take a look at it.