Table Formating issues in .mobi compile

I am running Scrivener on a Windows platform. I am writing an ebook that I hope to publish in the Kindle (.mobi) format. I have created the draft in MS Word, transferred the relevant sections to Scrivener and am in the process of formatting the document.

The document has several tables of data. When I compile the document (using .mobi), and then read the output in the Kindle Previewer, most of the tables are chopped off on the right hand side. I’ve tried re-sizing the tables (making them smaller) and even creating a .jpeg of the tables and inserting the .jpeg file into the document (which makes the tables very, very small).

Thus far, I haven’t been able to find a fix.

Do I have to open the compiled document in another editor, clean up the table, and then publish to Kindle? If so, what would be that other editor? Or, is there some sort of formatting settings that I am missing/forgetting about?

Thanks for any help.