Table formatting in Windows

I am honestly about to give this software up and head back to MS Word. The table formatting options in the Windows version of Scrivener are seriously lacking.

Excessive border width. No alignment options. No formatting for individual cells.

I live in an area of the world where even the most basic MacOS machine would set me back at least $1000+ equivalent. I can’t afford to change over to a Mac.

But the lack of options in the Windows table formatting has me wondering how many other features are “missing” from the Windows edition. I guess that Microsoft will continue to get my business.

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Someone on this forum mentioned recently that you can’t merge vertically adjacent cells on Mac, like on Windows. I don’t know if it’s true, but I do know it’s possible on Windows.

What exactly are you trying to do with tables?

Yes, they’re less easy to setup than in Word, but they are possible and you can format individual cells.

Word and Scrivener are two completely different apps. Probably, if you feel better with Word, best to use it.

That being said, tables are very complicated beasts. Scrivener’s forte is writing text and assisting editing amongst so many other things. Table formatting is, as you found not as sophisticated as Word.

When I want fancy tables, I use Excel and copy the PNG image into the document, keeping the Excel file in References. Need to size it fit your compile format.


Scrivener has basic table functionality you can use.

Place your cursor inside the table to set the context. Choose Format > Table > Table or place the Table Toolbar Icon on your Format Toolbar and click that.

In the Table properties pop-up, set the width of the columns, the border width and the background color per cell.

Use the Align Toolbar buttons to align text inside a cell.


On Scrivener for Windows, cell borders look more like a smudge instead of a fine line even when set to 1 pt, which I can live with, as I use tables for my prep work only, never printing to paper.
But, I also acknowledge that I use the editor at 175% scaling, which gives me close to the equivalent of a Word document (give or take a word or two) at full screen width on a 13.6 inch screen (something like 15 words per line).