Table of Contents: Error! Bookmark not defined

I selected a bunch of documents in my Project, and did Copy Special -> Copy ToC. Then I pasted into a new document in the Project, and Exported as Microsoft Word. It inserted lines like

Introduction ------- <$p>

but the .docx file it produced has lines like

Title Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction Error! Bookmark not defined.

and everything after Introduction is also as Error! Bookmark not defined. How come the first two have good page numbers but the others don’t, on Compile? What am I missing? I did try the “Print to PDF” in Word (because I read that you have to generate a Print preview once to make it fill in) but that didn’t help.

Are all of the sections that you are linking to set up to have RTF Bookmarks in the Formatting compile option pane? It is not even required for the sections to have a title, you can link within a chapter or section so long as there is a cut there in the Binder and the type of document that has that cut has not had the Include in RTF bookmarks setting disabled. In the following example, we could create a ToC entry to “scene d” even though it does not have a page break or title:

Nope, I checked and they all have the Include RTF checked to On. But I did notice something weird. I have 2 different compile settings saved. One set results in the “undefined bookmark” problem in the ToC, the other makes a proper ToC. In both of them, Level 2+ line has “Text” ticked to on. But one of them has the “Title” ticked and the other does not. It looks to me as if the one that has Title" not ticked is the one that gets the ToC filled in with page numbers correctly upon compile (but the result isn’t showing the Level 2+ section headings, so isn’t useful to me). Does that make any sense?

Well like I say, the Title itself doesn’t make a difference as to whether this feature works, so there must be some secondary condition that the presence of titles is triggering. I’m thinking along the lines of the Title adding content into the final output that is for some reason causing bookmarks to break, and since content may be the culprit, a test to verify that would be to create a simple dummy project with fresh content, apply your settings, make a simple ToC and see if it breaks there or not.

I’ve made a brand new (very short, simple) project, and indeed one set of Compile settings makes a ToC and the other gives me the “Bookmark not found” issue. Can someone look at my exported compile settings (.plist files) to see what’s going on?

Sure, feel free to attach them here, or if they have personal info (name in headers/footers, etc.) then you can PM them to me with the button to the right, below the avatar.

All right, I loaded the formatting preset that is marked as not working, and both the Level 2+ files and Level 1+ folders have been set to not be included in RTF bookmarks. :slight_smile: Just to be clear, you need that checkbox on in order for this to work, not off. I might not have been specific enough in saying that.

That is SO weird - I would have sworn I checked this as soon as you mentioned it. Sorry to take up your time, and thank you!! It works perfectly now.