Table of Contents

I have been trying in vain to figure out how to edit the TOC that is being generated automatically for a mobi file. It includes every document I have included in the compile and there seem to be no way to control what is being generated. Is there any way for me to accomplish this and if not, is there another third party program I can import the compiled mobi file into in order to modify the TOC? My book is a collection of short stories and I would prefer the TOC to only list active links for the individual title pages.

The TOC in ebooks is automatically generated during compile based on the page breaks (either from the compile Separators or “page break before”). If this isn’t working as you want, you can edit the TOC in a tool like Sigil after compiling to EPUB, and then convert the modified EPUB to Amazon’s format via KindleGen if needed. (You can also open the file in Kindle Previewer to automatically create a .mobi copy using its built-in KindleGen.)

Keep in mind if you’re editing the TOC that there are two files, the contents.xhtml page that the user sees --this is the one you could format all pretty–and the toc.ncx that the device uses to show the navigation tree. Sigil has some tools specifically for editing the table of contents; other software might have similar.

This is so cool. I was struggling with this same question and couldn’t get the Table of Contents to work. But a quick search in the forums brought this up, and putting in the “page break before” solved everything. thanks. :smiley:

Just chipping in on the subject of TOCs…

Sometimes my links in chapter-based TOCs link to the last page of the previous chapter rather than the title chapter page. This sometimes happens quite sporadically within the same project. I thought this had something to do with the line returns not being uniform so I cleaned these up. But then reconsidering, logic dictates returns shouldn’t really affect page breaks with the way Scriv compiles as long as Separators and Formatting options are correct. Any ideas?

Scriv for Windows

Update to 1.7.3. There was a bug in 1.7.1 where the RTF bookmark didn’t always get correctly placed at the top of the document if the title wasn’t included.

Thanks MM. I updated this morning and will try again. I think notifications of updates used to flash up when I opened Scrivener but I seem to have missed a couple!