Table questions

Hi. Is there a way to delete a row or a column from a table? I tried selecting some cells and merging them as a workaround but I couldn’t select only the cells I wanted to merge.


Yes, right-click in any cell which falls within the column or row that you wish to delete. You should see a number of options available, “Delete Column” and “Delete Row” among them.

Amber, hi. Thanks for the quick reply.

When I right-click within a cell, the contextual menu has the option “Table…” but I don’t see any other options relating to tables like the ones you mentioned.

Oh, goodness me. It might help if I used the right version, sorry about that.

It’s a little tricky deleting columns and rows with the vanilla OS X table tool. You basically have to use Opt-Delete, but in ways which are hard to describe. It’s valuable to remember that Opt-Del will delete forward of the cursor position. So if you want to remove a cell from a row, place the cursor at the end of the cell directly left of it and press Opt-Del. Using the method, you could delete an entire row. Or by going down a column of cells, delete all of the cells from that column and thus remove it.

I don’t know of a better way, but I’m not adept at the OS X table tool, so hopefully someone will have a better solution. Unfortunately tables take quite a bit of coding to do correctly, and Apple’s table tool is… rather lacking.

Amber, thanks. I did fool around with Option-Delete and got to work a little bit. It’s not so important anyway. Thanks again.

I don’t use tables much, and to be honest all I’ve ever done with them in Scrivener is delete them from webpages I bring in and convert (by setting rows and columns to 0), but I am able to select multiple cells with the mouse and combine them via the “merge” option in the Table tool palette. I don’t know if that’s still helpful, since the real question was about deleting, but maybe a combination of the two will make the process a bit less painful?

As Ioa hinted, you’ll be able to do this using ctrl-click in the next version, but it’s not so easy currently. Scrivener uses the standard OS X tables tool, and as Ioa again says, it is severely lacking. Fortunately I found some code that adds the ability to insert and delete columns and rows at will for 2.0, though; and I’ve made other improvements such as tabbing out of the last cell creating a new row. It’s still far from perfect - one day, when I have two or three months to space, I would love to implement a better, custom system - but at least it will be a big improvement.