Table-Styled Text Box in Scrivener 3 - .mobi conversion issue with single cell tables

Here are the basic issues I’m having with Scrivener 3.

  1. It doesn’t recognize single cell tables as tables for .mobi conversions. It’s almost like it’s not converting the markdown.
  2. It doesn’t recognize in-line formatting in the table (i.e., Using a single-cell table, I want the first line centered, subsequent lines left-justified.).
  3. In short, I’m creating a TEXT BOX by formatting for a single-cell table and want to be able to format it however I want in Scrivener and have it convert to some semblance of a text box.

This worked reasonably well with Scrivener 2. But Scrivener 3 just won’t give me any kind of a table that has a single cell.

Here’s the formatting in Scrivener 3:

Here’s the Kindle ebook output with absolutely no table anywhere, no hard returns, and no centered text. This is using the straight out-of-the-box eBook style with no edits on my part, evidence that the developers broke a simple tool:

Would absolutely love a fix. Will have to go back to Scrivener 2 if this can’t be done. And PS, the only reason I wanted Scrivener 3 was for the writing history.

I don’t mind a learning curve, but even with our advanced CSS knowledge, we can’t get this to work. And really, it shouldn’t require any kind of advanced coding know-how.

PLEASE DON’T REFER ME TO USER GUIDES OR VIDEOS unless you know FOR A FACT that this specific issue is address.


Thanks for the bug report - this is indeed a bug with single-line tables. In order to achieve the necessary HTML5, we have to use MultiMarkdown internally, and here you are seeing some erroneous MultiMarkdown codes. I have fixed this for the next update.

There are actually some other issues here, too. Currently ebook tables are quite limited in their layout. They only allow for single-line cells (multi-line cells get flattened into a single line), and the alignment for each cell is determined by the header cell. This is all because of the internal mechanisms of conversion. Following your request, I have done some more research into this and managed to improve all of it so that multi-line cells with different alignments in different paragraphs will also be supported.

All the best,

Keith, I’m looking forward to trying your changes. Do you know when the next update will roll out? Thanks so much!

I’m hoping to get 3.1.2 out relatively shortly, since there are a few niggles and bugs in 3.1 and 3.1.1 (with 3.1 being such a big update) that need addressing. If this is time critical for you, though, let me know and I can try to get you an interim build. I’m out for most of the next few days, until the middle of next week, though, as I’m moving house, so give me a prod at the end of next week if you need this urgently.

All the best,

If the next build will be out by early January, I can wait.

I’m also happy to test your interim build sooner if you need feedback on it.

Thank you.

Best of luck with your move.

Thanks! And it should definitely be out before early January - I want to get it out within the next month in fact, as it will be a bug fix release.

Hi! I’m back and just checked Scrivener for any updates resolving this problem. Can you let us know when this will be fixed? Scrivener 3.1.1 appears to be the last update.

To reiterate, when I convert my document to .mobi, the conversion doesn’t recognize single-cell tables as tables. It also ignores formatting changes from line to line inside the table. This was working correctly in Scrivener 2.

Thank you.

Thank you for the fix. The 3.1.2 update released February 19 resolved formatting issues for single cell tables.