Tables and Highlighting

Something odd happens when I highlight a table and then want to remove the highlighting.

Firstly, if the cell is empty, the highlight colour remains. I can only remove it by entering some text, only to delete it after it has been highlighted. Annoying to say the least, but I can live with it.

Second problem is more serious. If I remove the highlight colour from a merged cell, it completely messes up the formatting, and there is no easy way (that I can see) of fixing it.

I use highlights when I’m editing, highlighting the complete text and then removing the colour as I fix each paragraph. My thesis has many tables, and the seeming incompatibility between tables and highlighting is messing with my groove.

Suggestions for alternative working methods, or ways around my problem are welcome. Fixing it would of course be first prize.

[Note: I’m using Version, on Windows 7]