Tabs Not Working and Text Formatting Toolbar


I’m in the middle of my trail period with Scrivener, and I’m having a good time withit. It’s taken some getting my head around the way it handles formatting text however. I’ve gone through the tutorial and am keeping one eye on the manual, but I’m still coming up against a few things.

The latest is that my tabs don’t seem to be working. I have the ruler set up, and I can see left tab chevrons on there but when hitting the tab key it acts as if there isn’t a tab there and just goes to the next line.

I’m also now realising that when copying and pasting in, to be super carful that it doesn’t have any hidden formatting on it as that has been causing me some headaches.

Also, is there any way to add more buttons to the formatting tool bar? There are lots of menu items but would be good to have them on the toolbar too.


No sooner had I written this, I realised I was in a table. So hitting tab was bringing a new table line even though there are tabs set up on the ruler. Is this normal behavour?

Tabs do move between cells in a table, and will create a new row once you get to the bottom right cell.