Tactile Pro 2 Keyboard

I just thought everyone should know that the new Matias Tactile Pro 2 keyboard is getting rave reviews. Expensive, but worth checking out.

It is like the Apple keyboards of yore. My friend always swears by them. They are noisy so you do not want to be purchasing one if your spouse or significant other likes their sanity, at night, while you are pounding away at the keyboard (do not ask me why). A couple of keys do eventually go bad through sticking—pretty much being worn out! Heavy users can expect about a two-year lifespan.

Matias Tactile Pro 2.0

I don’t know about keys sticking after two years, but the keyboard is guaranteed for five years. As for ‘her indoors’ (that’s Brit for ‘significant other’) - never complains. Am I lucky or what?


We got our iMac G5 2 1/2 years ago. It came with a membrane keyboard, which was so quiet. It was great… at first.

“Him indoors” liked it. But I’m a touch typist, and after years of computer keyboarding, building on a dreary typing class (remember them?) I’m very fast.

And it started driving me crazy. I had to slow down to hit the keys hard enough to make them happen. After a year, it really got ridiculous, and we discovered a new membrane keyboard is about $25, and a nice tactile, “clicky” keyboard would be $125.

But it was worth it.

Sure, he knows when I’m in here working. (And he knows when I’m just surfing…) But if you have a typing technique like mine, it was so worth it.

If you are techy, you can fix the bum keys by prying off the offender and cleaning out the contact beneath. I’ve done it many times when I rehabbed the old keyboards.

These kind can last a long time. And if the alternative is to replace the membrane keyboard every year, I think it’s a sensible trade-off.