Tag For New Page/ Page Break?


Is there a placeholder tag I can use to force scrivener to start the section of text after the tag on a new page when compiling?

Individual sections can be told to start on their own page, yes. Just open the Inspector (blue ‘i’ button in toolbar), and in the “General” section in the middle, check off “Page Break Before”. Alternatively, if this is a procedural decision, or one that is a result of some innate structure in your Binder (for example, if you want all folders to cut to a new page), then the Separators pane in the compiler will be a better place to control this, than trying to manually handle the checkboxes. The latter are better for individual unpredictable breaks, like a string of files at the beginning of the book, whereas in the rest of the book a string of files would ordinarily be separated by a scene glyph.

Thank you.