Taking notes with Sublime Text

I’ve just been looking at this:


Definitely one for the nerds, but pretty remarkable if you are that way inclined.

The authors of zettlekasten have written a native (not a plugin) note taking app, a sort of updated nvAlt:


Looks very nice, though I will stick to nvAlt…

Yes, I tried out the beta. To me, it feels like a valiant attempt to prolong the life of nvALT, but I can’t help feeling that software has moved on since Notational Velocity came out. In fact, I am presently experimenting with Scrivener as my note-taking app (encouraged by some things that Ioa posted). I’m finding it a much better solution than many alternatives, though I still hanker after the visual presentation you get with a mind map. Having a kind of wiki inside Scrivener is quite something.