Taking Notes

I’m using Scrivener to take notes for college classes. My handwriting is atrocious so I wanted to use my laptop to take notes that I can read. Scrivener works great because I can break everything down into the individual chapters we are going over as well as any assignments are kept in the corresponding chapter file. I don’t have to flip through pages of notes or scroll through a Word file to find what I need because with the search function I type in what I’m looking for and there it is in front of me.

I’m also working on how-to-budget and save money books and Scrivener works great by breaking down all my ideas and items I want to talk about into sections that can be worked on individual and then later compiled into the whole.

I really, really like Scrivener (except for the bullet list bug I keep meeting).

Sounds great, and congratulations on your usage scenario.
Scrivener is by far a better note-taker than Evernote.
For the simple reason that (using the Research folder)
You may store all kinds of files, not just RTF notes.
Like web links, jpegs, pdfs, etc.
Also, you may export these files as you wish.
If you use SimpleNote or Index Card for iOS,
You may synch those notes as well.
Good luck with your classes.