Target (bullseye) icon not visible in footer

I’ve searched everywhere I can for the answer to this question. Mac V 3.2.3. Apparently I can set document or chapter targets with the bullseye icon in the lower right of the footer (which is visible), but it’s missing on my project. It is visible in my tutorial project, so I must have done something to make it disappear.

How do I make this visible again, and how do I set chapter targets?

Is this setting active?

View → Editor Layout → Show Footer View

If the footer is active, try keying CMD 8 to toggle between text and scriptwriting modes. The target icon is only visible in the footer in text mode.

Not sure why not there go to target icon/add to toolbar and set targets and see if icon appears in footer view.

Yes, footer view is active. It’s just not there. Cmd 8 did send me to scriptwriting, so I was in text. How do I flag this as a bug now? Feeling like a bug.

@GoalieDad - Thank you for your response, but I don’t understand it. Where would I find this?

I’ve removed your duplicate post.

The target icon is not present in Scrivenings mode, since there’s no way to tell Scrivener which of the multiple documents in the view you are actually setting the target for.

If you are in fact in Scrivenings mode, the View menu will say so, and that’s where you can turn it off if desired.

If you want to set targets for multiple documents, the Outline view is a more convenient way to do so. Use View → Outliner Options to enable the Target column (and probably the Word Count, Total Word Count, and Total Target columns as well.)

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Thank you! Problem solved.