Target words for multiple text / drafts

Is there a way to do this?

What I meant is this:
I use several scenes to compose a chapter (a folder), each scene on its own text. I can assign target to each text, but currently I do not know if there an easy way so that I can also set target to the whole chapter.

For example I want 10k words for my 3 scenes chapter. I don’t necessarily have to set a target for each scene because if one scene is shorter I can just make the others longer, i.e. I can have one scene has 1k words and the other has 4k and 5k words and still reach the chapter target.

Is there a way in 2.0 to change the target to multiple documents / folder instead of single text? Or is there a creative leeway that people come up with about similar issue?


There are no monitored ways of doing this. By that I mean there is no way of setting a toolbar goal for an entire section rather than a single section. This feature is disabled in Scrivenings mode. There are some passive ways of tracking sectional goals, though. In the Outliner there is a new set of columns which track Total Words and Total Characters. These add up all the text in the item itself, including all of the text of any children it may or may not have. So you could glance at your list of chapters in Outliner and see the status of them all in a glance.