Targets feature

Dear Scrivener

I have read through all the forum posts on the Project/Session Target feature and it is clear that this is (potentially) MUCH more useful to users that the Scrivener’s authors seem to grasp.

I wrote the forum some years ago, and got an answer to a problem with this that seems not to work with 3.0 and I may have screwed up everything; certainly the info from the Targets window makes no sense.

Here’s the general point: Targets should be setable to reflect goals for a single file, a set of files, or the whole draft. I frequently have a goal for a chapter, which is a file or a set of files within the Drafts binder. I need this chapter to be 10,000 words. But I want to keep it within the Project of which it will eventually form a part.

I LOVE to use the focus view, with research in the second screen, and the targets just out of sight on the peripheral monitor to the one I am focused on. It is hard to exaggerate the sense of challenge/gratification that comes form seeing the red gradually turn green as the writing time progresses, and it seems others find it so (judging from all the inquiries about it, requests for special capacities etc).

SO, first, if it is possible to set the target to reflect JUST THE FILE I AM WORKING within, kindly tell me how to do that. Ditto for if the target (again, for session and for the whole) can reflect that specified set of files.

And if this is not possible, please consider making it possible. There are so many of us who, it seems, would love such an option, those of us who write long documents, in particular.

Thanks, and as always thanks for Scrivener!

You can set targets and track progress for individual files and folders, as well as the whole project. See Section 20.1 in the Scrivener 3 manual for complete details.


How nice! Excellent that we can do this.

If would not mar the design, I think it would be much more informative if that little squiggle at the bottom of the file, that looks rather like something out of Hitchcock’s Psycho were more like a target—perhaps even with (gasp) color (or even colour).

But thank you much as so often for the patient informative answer, and also, as often, for the good news that what I want can be done.