Targets in full screen mode.

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I might be one of the few masochistic people out that that would like the ability to see my target word counts on the full screen but is that possible? I like how they are integrated in regular mode, but would rather not have to switch back and forth to see how close (or far as the case may be) I am to reaching my goal. And if I were editing for length and wanted to remove say five hundred words a day, I can put negatives in and they are kept track of nicely, but is there a way to get the bar to display the progression toward my goal?

My great thanks to the staff at L and L, I have purchased three wonderful copies of Scrivener: win, mac and iOS and keep migrating as I go along. Keep up the good work. Scrivener is one of my favorite pieces of software the other being Photoshop.

Thank you for your help,

Cmd-shift-t toggles the Target HUD in any mode (project and session), including full screen and composition mode. The options button allows you to deal with negative counts.